Ok this started out as a tweet but then I ran out of room so it turned into a Facebook post. Then I figured why not put it here on the ol' blog! You ever sit back and think that there's that one that got away? Then you realize that you're ok they did... no... Continue Reading →


So I’ve been preparing myself for the inevitable layoff with my employer of nearly 6 years.  It has brought me to the conclusion I have always felt deeply about, which is… you can never be truly happy working for someone else.  Of course there is nothing wrong with having that dream job or career but... Continue Reading →

What The…?

I am sitting here contemplating my future as a writer, a mother, a daughter, a lover.  All at the age of 32.  It's like I went from a complete know-it-all to a complete moron in less than a decade! I thought by now I would not only have my life panned out but I'd be... Continue Reading →

Impossible is Nothing

When I was 7, a teacher told me: I wasn’t as smart as the other students because I couldn’t read/write well. I wrote my first novel at 13 …and published my first novel at 27 When I was 21, a lady told me: I could never be a fit mother because I was a welfare... Continue Reading →

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