Stay tuned... Video Blogs to come. Starting October 1st I will be posting & talking about some of my fav horror flicks. As we count down to Halloween, I will be discussing some movies past & present! Any suggestions? Send them to rslewis_theauthor@hotmail.com Well til next time kiddies…   Shalom Follow the Drunken Insomniac Writer on... Continue Reading →

Deadpool (review)

Hello there fans... I know long time no see! I apologize for the absence, which was more extended than I wanted. But at least I could come back on the topic of some shit I very well love: movies and well Ryan Reynolds! 🙂 So after anticipating and borderline craving, I finally feasted my eyes on Deadpool the movie! 👍 And... Continue Reading →

American Horror Story:Hotel (review)

**As with most reviews, this post may contain spoilers** I can't be the only one who looked up the "She Wants Revenge" tune, "Tear You Apart" after watching the American Horror Story: Hotel season 5 premiere...I mean it's been weeks & I am still in love with this song (in case you're wondering I've attached... Continue Reading →

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