Season 2

Episode 1: The One About Wasting Your Time

Episode 2: The One About Miserable People

Episode 3: The One About Hidden Flags

Episode 4: The One About Sliding in the DMs

Episode 5: the one about cuffing season

Episode 6: the one about toxic femininity

Episode 7: the one about ladies’ complaints about men

Episode 8: the one about overzealous guys… and girls

Episode 9: the one about calling my phone

Episode 10: the one about single parents

Episode 11 (bonus): top 10 ways to get over a breakup

Episode 12 (bonus): A Single Guide to Surviving The Quarantine

Episode 13 (bonus) The Single Chronicles (the one about situationships)

Episode 14 (bonus) The Single Chronicles (the one about Entanglements)

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