The Single Chronicles (the one about Entanglements) Sn. 2 Bonus Ep. 4

So I decided to do a new, bonus episode on YouTube. Although the new season doesn’t premiere until September, I had already filmed and edited this skit a few weeks back. This new video entails the petty drama surrounding Megan the Stallion and Tory Lanez as well as August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Now as you may know I did a podcast a few weeks prior to this when the whole Entanglement/Red Table Talk aired. This all followed the August Alsina interview so the news was no longer trending at this point. Because my schedule didn’t allow me to finish editing and I couldn’t post it on time, I was initially reluctant to even post it. But then the situation with Meg the Stallion happened with her getting shot in the foot, so I combined both stories and opted to put my opinion out there.

I should have just wrote it out but filming seemed much better at the time. Now that you have sort of a background… here’s the Fucktivity

Some may say that this doesn’t really involve single people but in all actuality it does because it is a prime example of toxic masculinity. So many men, specifically black men are walking around afraid to display their emotions but yet are ready to engage in war. It’s like they are suffering from an emotional PTSD by repressing emotions which only leads to them lashing out when things get too mentally tough for them.

Why? Because so many people are harboring so much pain that all they know how to do is hurt the next closest person instead of trying to heal from the traumas of heartbreak!

Take Tory Lanez for example, whatever happened between him and Meg the Stallion forced him to shoot her. Now I didn’t have all the details nor did I give into the entire story much but from what I gathered online, it looks as if he wasn’t happy with whatever she was discussing with him.

I don’t know if she was trying to break up with him or if he felt that she wasn’t fully committed to him. Regardless, this outcome was totally avoidable and unnecessary. It’s ironic that men are expected to repress their emotions and women are ridiculed for doing so. It’s as if humanity is defined by the lack of it. Sadly at the end of the day, repression of these things results in nothing but detrimental things following.

Now August Alsina was a guy who had a situation with Jada Pinkett for whatever reason. Instead of taking the breakup (and her returning to her husband and family) to a therapist or privately to those involved, he held onto that heartbreak and let it fester for a few years until now.

Instead he focusing on himself, he sought pity. Some people are clowning him for doing so and I admit that yeah it comes off petty because why wait until now to say something? At the end of the day, Alsina needed to get this whole mess off his chest and it’s nothing wrong with that. I just would have did it in a different manner and much sooner. And it would have made sense to speak to the people involved or a professional instead of the entire world, only to cash off of the publicity it caused.

All in all both of these men came off petty because instead of processing and dealing with their emotional trauma, they in turn lashed out. We see this everyday and unfortunately we live in a society this says men cannot show emotion and women are too emotional.

Now that’s some fucktivity if you ask me…

Until Next Time Kiddies,


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