The Single Chronicles S.2 Ep.2 (the one about miserable people)

On this week’s episode, I ranted about bitter and miserable people.

Oh and I am so serious when I say I had a RANT…

I went in so hard that the original video had over 45 minutes of footage, which I ended up shaving about a half hour out of. To say that this issue hit close to home was an understatement. No wonder it took me 2 weeks to post!

But better late than never I suppose!

I wanted to give a deeper insight into this particular episode because the traits of being bitter is almost always assumed to be synonymous with being single. You know the spiel… we are bitter because we have been hurt and this we only desire to make someone else suffer… and bla bla bla. While a bitter person might spew their inner hurt and anger by saying and doing things that hurt the feelings of others…the triggers can be anything, not just a jaded ex-lover. Exhibiting ruthless verbal and emotional cruelty can be the sum of a personality disorder or some other mental/emotional trauma that has yet to be address.

I’ve been privy to this my whole life, especially within my own culture and the negative thought process against therapy doesn’t help our cause at all. While most people aren’t intentionally bitter, some people are so emotionally wrecked that they try their best to hurt others out of spite or other reasons. This video will show you if you or others around you are bitter. Writer’s Reflections will provide you tips on how to be less bitter.

It wasn’t easy to do this video without first recognizing my own toxic/bitter traits first but like I always say, Blogging is my therapy! Enjoy.

Until Next Time Kiddies,


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