Ok this started out as a tweet but then I ran out of room so it turned into a Facebook post. Then I figured why not put it here on the ol' blog! You ever sit back and think that there's that one that got away? Then you realize that you're ok they did... no... Continue Reading →

I’m Back…

The Single Chronicles has returned with an all new season and more of the fucktivity-exposing shenanigans. In the season opener, I talked about "doing the most" and how us females do more than what is expected or deserved for dudes that barely even want us. And before you say I'm judging, just know that I... Continue Reading →

To My Fellow Single Parents

So if you're like me and the rest of the nation and world, you're stuck home quarantining from the dreaded Covid-19. But worse... With your kids!!! Now for some of you, all is well and you may be doing ok especially depending on their age. Yet for others you may be ready to snap. So... Continue Reading →

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