The Single Chronicles (the one about jumping to conclusions) Sn. 3 Ep. 5

So nearly a month has passed and I finally got around to posting another episode of the Single Chronicles.

About 2 weeks ago, I was preparing another YouTube video and it was then I decided to post a series of episodes this season about bad dates. The notion of being stood up came to mind and I realized that I hadn’t talked nearly enough about that particular topic. It almost blew my mind because I was searching for new subjects and it dawned in me just how many times in the past I had been stood up. However in this one particular situation, it was me that didn’t react so wisely. I tend to poke fun at the dudes (or girls) that did me wrong or annoyed me but I decided that I would be more transparent about my own shenanigans and faults. I mean that’s what The Single Chronicles are about.

Now in this segment, it was supposed to be the first date for me and this guy I had been talking to for a few weeks and when he didn’t show up to pick me up, I was not only disappointed, I was pissed. I remember when my ex-boyfriend stood me up. I cussed his ass out and rightly so. Yet this situation now that I’ve processed and thought about it did not deserve this sort of a reaction. Needless to say, we never had another interaction following this one and since then I had nearly forgot about it.

Most would assume that I am not more the wiser but honestly I am human and like all humans I make stupid mistakes and I let past traumas get the best of me. But that’s why I reflect on my choices such as this because I am all about learning from my mistakes. Now regarding this guy, while it was still a shit thing to do, my reaction wasn’t nearly worth the crime. I like to think that I have grown since then and that I will not only find someone who respects my time but that I won’t harp on every little shitty thing that happens. I realize today why I overthought the scenario and overreacted but I will dig deeper into that next time. For now, enjoy part 1 of my own fucktivity!

Until Next time kiddies,

Be Awesome, Be You, But Above All Else… Love Yourself


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