Ok this started out as a tweet but then I ran out of room so it turned into a Facebook post. Then I figured why not put it here on the ol’ blog!

You ever sit back and think that there’s that one that got away? Then you realize that you’re ok they did… no regrets.

One thing about me, I don’t have one hateful or dickeating bone in my body. I have had friends/clients go on and surpass me in relationships, fitness, finances or any other facet in life based off advice or help I gave. I don’t feel an ounce of jealousy towards them. Because I chose to focus on me by not hating or competing with the next person. My growth is just that, it’s my growth.

Further, I have no need to compete with anyone for anything. My only competition is the woman in the mirror. Competing with someone else for what they have (or claim on the Gram to have) is stupid. I am in no rat race. And personally I’m happier that way. I never understood people who had such delusions of grandeur that they lie about who they are. And they lie not only to others but to themselves.

As we head into the Jewish high holiday season and I conclude my 3rd decade on this earth, I had a moment to reflect on so much. Lately in my daily grind, I continue to support people even if that support isn’t reciprocated. I don’t care to ask for anything in return not even recognition, admiration or pity. Why? Because I am simply happy that they are happy.

That’s the type of person I am. I have continued to financially or otherwise support friends and family who later turned and dug my back out. Still no animosity found it’s way in my bones. That’s honestly between them and their maker. I can’t help them feel different towards me. Nor do I waste valuable time feeling some kind of way. All I can do is stay in my lane and continue to do me.

I spent a chunk of my time wallowing in my own defeat that I figured that it could break me or teach me. I cannot expect to enter the next phase of my life lamenting anything because it made me who I am. Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t fucked up but it means I still have room to learn and grow.

In other words, if you expect to live life without suffering or at the least crumble at the sight of adversity, how strong are you really? Growth isn’t just learning new things but unlearning old shit that didn’t suit you. Taking the mistakes you’ve made and turning them into lessons is perhaps the biggest glow up & come up life can offer.

In respect to that one that got away… It’s ok. If you didn’t shed that weight or earn that promotion, it’s ok. If your plans or prospects fell through, it’s ok. Basically, you didn’t fail until you give up. Maybe that person wasn’t for you. Maybe you weren’t for them or the time for companionship isn’t in the cards.

Maybe that job isn’t your career path or simply a step towards your actual one. Maybe that fitness plan worked for someone else. Maybe they business venture needed more of your efforts instead of complaints.

No matter what issues you’re facing, this isn’t the endgame. Maybe it’s the beginning of a new game altogether.

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