Coronavirus: The Real Stand?

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus... I am not sure why I do this to myself but just like when the Ebola virus was a thing, I watched Outbreak. More recently, I sat through Contagion. I then went to follow that up with a round of Resident Evil... as if I need to be any more... Continue Reading →

The Single Chronicles Podcast

So I'm about week 3 in the Single Chronicles Podcast after wrapping up the second season in YouTube. I figured I try this out for size for now since I had been asked if I had a podcast in addition my regular blog and vlogs. the truth is I always thought about doing my own... Continue Reading →

Saying Good Bye to Legend

After hearing the shocking news about Kobe and his daughter, I wasn't sure if it was a hoax or some kind of misinformation. I mean it was just so surreal, that Kobe was now gone, having perished from a helicopter crash in Cali. Then as more reports came in about the wreckage, I learned that... Continue Reading →

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