The CW/DC Crisis Crossover Event

Very seldom do I review TV shows anymore unless it's the end of a series or something much more epic in proportion (like the return of John Winchester on the long-running Supernatural). There was also that time I griped about good shows getting the boot that were not only ahead of their time or targeted... Continue Reading →

Am I A Toxic…Enabler?

As of lately I have been reevaluating my stance on things in life. As I try to aim to be not only a better person but a happier one. Some people stride to find happiness in the things that they attain such as a job, car, house, money or romantic partner. Me? I want vibrate... Continue Reading →

2020: The Future is Femme Fatale

The future is female... At least on screen! With 2020 looking promising for more girl power moments on the silver screen. We've seen them in action as co-stars but up until 2017 when Wonder Woman had her debut solo film, there weren't many comic book diva films to date. And the ones that were weren't... Continue Reading →

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