Who Was Breonna Taylor?

On Friday, March 13th, Breonna Taylor was killed by Louisville police shortly after midnight while asleep in her bed. She was a 26 year old emergency medical technician. After surveillance on her home for what police indicated was a strange package delivery, 3 detectives executed a no-knock warrant to Taylor's home and burst in. Taylor... Continue Reading →

To My Fellow Single Parents

So if you're like me and the rest of the nation and world, you're stuck home quarantining from the dreaded Covid-19. But worse... With your kids!!! Now for some of you, all is well and you may be doing ok especially depending on their age. Yet for others you may be ready to snap. So... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus: The Real Stand?

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus... I am not sure why I do this to myself but just like when the Ebola virus was a thing, I watched Outbreak. More recently, I sat through Contagion. I then went to follow that up with a round of Resident Evil... as if I need to be any more... Continue Reading →

The Single Chronicles Podcast

So I'm about week 3 in the Single Chronicles Podcast after wrapping up the second season in YouTube. I figured I try this out for size for now since I had been asked if I had a podcast in addition my regular blog and vlogs. the truth is I always thought about doing my own... Continue Reading →

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