The Single Chronicles: Not Getting a Gift (Sn. 3 Ep. 9)

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone I decided to take the same route I did in my very first episode of The Single Chronicles… and that was the PTSD inflicted upon people who did not receive a gift on February 14th.

Well I intended on getting this episode out sooner than later specifically by Valentine’s Day, a lot of stuff got in the way as usual and it ended up coming out a few days after. But since the topic was not getting a gift on Valentine’s Day and the reasons behind that I guess it didn’t come out too late after all. Besides it was no way that I could get around not doing an episode dedicated to the official holiday of materialistic love.

So your boyfriend or girlfriend or significant other didn’t get you a gift on Valentine’s Day. Is it the end of the world?


Yet the sad reality is that we put more stock in the holiday itself than we do the people we chose to be with in the first place. Doesn’t matter why a gift wasn’t received. The fact was that a gift wasn’t given and that is the cardinal sin of sins second to being unfaithful in a relationship.

I took a few pointers from the Christmas episode I did about getting a gift that was horrible and made sure I didn’t contradict myself in this sense. What I didn’t address fully in this video was the fact that just because one buys an expensive gift doesn’t mean they’re owed one in return.

But Christmas and Valentine’s Day are two different holidays. Or are they?

Every year following the end of Christmas, stores are flooded with pink red and white decorations and of course more candy. Despite Valentine’s Day being 2 months afterwards, stores cannot wait to capitalize on the consumerism and capitalism disguised as another gift-giving holiday.

Even though I think it sucks that regardless if one celebrates Valentine’s Day or not they are obligated to get their partner something. But often times a person can articulate that they do not celebrate said holiday and yet their partner will be confused about such. This is immediately followed by them being upset or the tantrums of a toddler.

And well this is the point of what I discussed in this particular video. It wasn’t rather or not the act was wrong or not. But to dissect why it happened in the first place and why folks get so upset about it.

If you stick around to the end of the video you’ll notice that I am not sitting in front of you glasses on as if trying to appear intellectual, giving my Writer’s Reflections.

I decided to forgo the formalities to further prevent this video from being delayed any more than it already was.

Enjoy! And hopefully next year things will get better.

Until Next time kiddies,

Be Awesome, Be You, But Above All Else… Love Yourself


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