The Single Chronicles Sn.3 Ep.6(the one about getting bad gifts)

Since it was the holidays, I found myself thinking about a few occasions when I gave expensive gifts yet I had received less than desirable gifts in exchange. This video in particular centered around my ex and I one holiday season.

Now I am mostly a grateful and humble individual and for the most part, I’ve worked harder to improve what used to be my shitty sense of entitlement. Despite my reaction this time around, I was not actually mad about the monetary value of the gift I had got. I was actually mad because it was a rushed attempt by my boyfriend at the time to get me any ol’ thing simply because at the time he had prematurely found out I was getting him a video game. So instead of admitting that he did not buy me anything at all, he tried to pass off something Instead of nothing at all because he felt bad. It wasn’t even something I’d wear because I am a simple gal, not at all flashy… just a bit of a plain Jane. So when he gave me this huge, gawdy necklace, it made me wonder if he paid a lick of attention to me for the 3+ years we’d been together.

The sad part was that in later years he realized I wasn’t that type of person at all. I mean he didn’t make a lot of money trying to get his business off the ground and he was a single parent so I totally would have understood. Shit, I had given him the benefit of doubt as I did in so many other occasions. So why he was confused about this then was beyond me… maybe he felt bad about the all other shit he put me through during our go-round.

Anyways, if you you’re a follower of The Single Chronicles… You know what I mean.

Back to the horrible holiday…

Now in the video, I made several examples of my disdain for my gifts but I also reflected on why. I had to edit out my point on giving gifts with affection vs. giving gifts out of obligation for time because I wanted the video to be less than 10 minutes (although it was a little longer). However, and those deleted scenes I pointed out that you can give a person an excellent gift for virtually no cost at all and it could have a much more significant meaning than a gift you actually paid for.

And by this I talked about a friend of mine who had lost their job and wanted to give his girlfriend who later became his wife the perfect gift although he didn’t have the money. So I suggested that we print up coupons that displayed his love and affection. The coupons we printed were for things of service he can do such as cooking her dinner, giving her free massage and things of that nature. The result was that she loved each and every one of them because not only did he take the time to do something he liked he actually followed through on each and every one of them.

That being said this is why I pointed out I’m not impressed about the monetary gift value but by the effort put behind said gift. I’m the type of person where you can give me a gift that is $10 versus a gift that is hundreds of dollars. And in spite of the price, I would love it because it was something that not only you put time and effort into but I actually liked.

So have you gotten a gift that you hate it because it just wasn’t you or it just wasn’t something you liked? Leave a comment in my video and let me know.

Until Next time kiddies,

Be Awesome, Be You, But Above All Else… Love Yourself


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