The Single Chronicles Sn. 2 Ep. 5 (the one about cuffing season)

This week I decided to talk about the infamous time of year where people rush to find a winter boo. Yep it’s cuffing season. Be prepared for the good morning and hey stranger texts from exes and would be suitors.

It’s not an annoying thing and it’s not a problematic thing. it’s just that some people turning into something more than what it is. While there’s nothing wrong with looking for love, when you’re looking for someone to be a potential victim for you to use, that’s when you have trouble. No one wants to be used for any reason whether it’s shelter, a car, money, sex. We all deserve to be loved and respected. at the very least if you are looking for just those tangible things in a partner, make sure they’re on the same page as you.

I think people often blow the cuffing thing out of proportion but it does shed light on the fact that there are individuals who prey on others. Sadly some of these people don’t even realize it. These narcissistic and opportunistic assholes are what ruin it for everyone. It almost makes you not want to date at all.

The consensus about cuffing season seems to pretty much boils down to sex. When cuffing season starts and people are more likely to be indoors, those who partake look for a partner that they can reliably have sex with whenever they want to… Or easy access if you will. And then when it’s over and bodies are more easily accessible people go back to being promiscuous.

Although I’ve learned the hard way that inclement weather won’t stop a person from getting late. I recall the night of a blizzard one of my neighbors was kicking one guy out of her house while another guy was on his way. The fucktivity was real but entertaining… Despite me concerned about the guy not hitting my car, which was parked near his. He kept trying to push through the snow, which was already about a foot deep. The night concluded with the first guy stranded there & the second guy who was supposed to be on his way changing his mind. It was almost mind-boggling.

Nonetheless cuffing season comes and goes each year. But this yeah, it gets exposed on The Single Chronicles. Enjoy this week’s rant…

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