The Single Chronicles has Returned!

Most who know me know that I’m not one for being punctual. However I thought it was ironic that I posted the season opener about Wasting Your Time. I will dive into that later because well it’s a funny story for another time.

Season 2 premiers with the topic targeted towards those who want to get back on the dating saddle. But what makes it tedious is the part that involves getting to know someone… Even moreso is sifting through the initial bullshit that comes with meeting someone new.

I mean we have to wonder and worry if this person has our best intentions at heart or are looking for us to be means to an end.

And it never seems at first that like-minds meet. It’s always the one who wants to settle down who gets in bed with the one who has commitment issues. It’s always that person who wants to leech or secure the bag that’s hunting those who’ve worked hard for the money.

Regardless, I’ve pointed out a few to help you along the way.


Because despite people claiming to not like golddiggers, playboys or ratchet chicks… these predators appear to be getting knocked up and claiming innocent lives in the dating game.

So tune in and enjoy…

Until Next Time Kiddies,


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