The Single Chronicles Sn.2 Ep. 9 (the one about calling my phone)

So this week’s episode was about a female calling my phone. now what I did not mention is that I don’t know the relationship of her and the guy I was talking to. What I do know is that I cut his ass off right away. I don’t have time for that nonsense.

But what I want to talk about here is a female that goes through her significant other’s phone. I’ve been there before and I’ve done it before. I’ve seen some bullshit on my dudes phone and I won’t lie it hurt my feelings. But what most females don’t talk about is what led them to do it in the first place.

I was already at a point where I suspected him of some type of fucktivity. I just want to prove and the nail to close the coffin shut. However, what sets me apart from most of the ladies that have called my phone was that I was already done and the relationship was already over in my head.

If you get to a point that you have to search through your guy’s phone I’m looking for signs of infidelity you might as well just pack your shit and leave. Because if you find what you’re looking for, what are you prepared to do with the evidence? If you suspect your man is cheating don’t confront some other female that you don’t know unless you are prepared to leave his ass.

Otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure. And you will be the one to get your feelings hurt.

There are two types of women that do this insecure women and women who are ready to go and looking for a reason. this week’s episode focus more on the insecure women who do this because they have no intent on leaving their man they just want to make things harder for any female that they come across.

I never understood a woman who takes the time out of her day to stalk another female she thinks it’s messing with her man. Also with the video didn’t mention was that there been times a female is called me and I was no more than a platonic friend to the guy.

It’s ridiculous! It’s bonkers! And it’s pointless and it only leads to getting your feelings hurt which is why I asked the question, is this the type of person I want to be with?

Honestly do you trust this person? The answer is no because if you did, you wouldn’t be going through his phone in the first place. That being said, it doesn’t mean he’s no guilty but what it does mean that if you find what you’re looking for…

Will you stay?

Until Next Time Kiddies,


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