Top Ten Ways To Get Over A Breakup: A Single Chronicles Sn. 2 Bonus

Been dumped recently? Or lamenting an ex now that Valentine’s Day has come & gone? Well you’ve survived the dreaded day love and now you need to figure out what to do with those feelings of romantic melancholy. Well look no further, I’ve tallied up a few sure-fire ways that’ll get your heart all patched up.

And no it will not take any spellcasting or drastic measures.

I decided to add a bonus episode on YouTube with my top ten heartbreak solutions. If you want to watch the video click below.

However here’s the list anyway:

  • Cut ties off with your ex! That’s right sever all means of communication. You don’t have to take that person back in order to forgive or forget.
  • Make a playlist. Gather up some heartbreak tunes. No matter the genre, there’s a song that’ll help you get through the pain.
  • Rebound. Now this isn’t for everyone but there is a science behind physical contact and chemical reactions. Now I’m not suggesting sex is the answer and often those feelings of pleasure can block or blind you from true healing.
  • Comfort food. Most times it’s not the unhealthy calorie consumption but that nice dinner with friends and family that does wonders.
  • Retail Therapy. Shopping can have its benefits. It’s a way out the house and it can burn off all those carbs from the comfort food you gave in to. Just be careful with those sales and your budget.
  • Find faith. I’m not the most religious person but often more times than not, prayer or going to service can be the miracle you need. Never underestimate a good gospel song!
  • Therapy. Talking through problems is possibly the best way to get over something traumatic. Also it can prevent you from repeating the same mistake again.
  • Exercise. This is probably the most underused type of therapy. Exercise as we all know helps release those good hormones such as endorphins and Serotonin. This is a definite way to feel good even if your heart is happy.
  • Get a hobby. Idle hands are often the devil’s playground. So keep busy…it’ll help you keep your ex out of your head. This is the perfect opportunity to put that negative energy you have festering to good use.
  • Give it time. Time heals all wounds. Today it may hurt a lot but tomorrow it’ll hurt a little less. Each coming day will get a little easier. By the time you get through half of these, you just may be over that dumbass that hurt you.

Honorable Mention: Not in the video but this is because it can actually fit into a few of these categories. Andt hat is rearranging furniture. I don’t know but after a bad breakup, I moved my couch to another side of the living room as well as my bed in my bedroom. I guess the new arrangement helped clear the constant reminders of a lot of the “good times” we had. It was a major change but add in some new throw pillows and a couch cover and I practically had a new chill space in the house.

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