The Single Chronicles Sn. 2, Ep. 4 (the one about sliding in the DMs)

This week (well technically last week) I wanted to talk about sending private/direct messages to people on social media. Also known as sliding in the DMs. While there are no actual rules as to how to approach someone online (accept those mentioned in a specific app’s website guidelines), there ought to be some sort of etiquette as to what and what not to do!

I mean some of this is just common sense or better yet logical sense because if it was actually common sense, everyone would have it. That being said, it’s like the more means of communication we have or ways to be social we create, the less social we are. Just because you can say something to someone, doesn’t mean you should or that they will be into it. Honestly it’s all about respect.

All of this was inspired by recent messages I’ve gotten from guys who assumed that because I was single, I wanted to get hitched or humped. Now I’ve learned a lot from the DMs my ex used to send other chicks (yes you read that right). He would literally shoot his shot whenever he could using the only assert he had to offer. I’m guessing that’s what leads other guys to do so as well. Idk 🤷🏽‍♀️ Just recently I was literally getting hounded for sex and explicit pictures from someone I didn’t know.

I wanted to follow up on last season’s DM/Text episode. And give folks an idea of what’s permissable when messaging someone you find interesting. Now if this person uses sexual innuendos constantly, than maybe something’s will be allowed if not ignored. But for the most part, still exercise discretion y’all

You never know what will trigger or offend people… Especially things like sexting or sending unsolicited nudes to a stranger. I mean come on people… That’s bordering on sexual harassment!! Well needless to say, here’s this week’s rant!

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