The Single Chronicles: Sn 2, Ep 7 (the one about ladies’ complaints about men)

So this week’s episode is about us ladies’ pet peeves about you guys. Just like the previous episode, this week’s based on the votes of my followers and subscribers. However this go-round was from the opinions of the ladies. I posted a poll this week just as I had done so previously asking what worked our nerves most about men.

As I mention in the video, it seems women mostly have communications with men. Men seem to communicate differently than we do. When it comes to certain women, the poll revealed that men had issues being upfront about their feelings. They either avoid the situation altogether or jump straight to the point.

All in all the basic stuff, women seemed to despise being cheated on or a guy not being upfront somehow. But without further ado…

So what pet peeves irk you the most? Drop a line and let me know.

Until Next Time Kiddies,


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