The Single Chronicles Sn.2 Ep.8 (the one about overzealous guys…and girls)

So this week’s episode was inspired by me literally getting accosted at the gym one night. Ok, it wasn’t that bad but it was irking to say the least!

It almost became a Bitch Blog… which reminds me that I need one of those venting sessions soon.

I usually tag along with my trainer friend as a wingman but this night I went solo because it was super late. I was pretty much near the end of the workout before getting interrupted. Like I was going in!!! Supersets and everything… The beast mode was turned on.

And then here comes the chatterbox 🤦🏽‍♀️

At first it wasn’t a big deal. I was flattered by the young guy who kinda reminded me of tha rapper, DaBaby…lol. Nonetheless I really wanted to focus on my reps and supersets not have a conversation about convincing me to get with him. My strength training workouts save for Zumba have been distracted as of late and I wanted to get back to them.

And so…I told him the story I tell most folks these days when I want to be on my way… I’m involved. I hate that lie but most people do not respect the fact that you want to work on yourself and remained uninvolved. I am beginning to think that that shit is a magnet for dudes as opposed to a being a deterrent. Little homie spent the next ten minutes of my life trying to convince me that I should give him my number.

I eventually took his number upon leaving the gym and finally made my way home.

Same week, I encountered another fellow so persistent he followed me to my car. As mentioned in my video, he didn’t care if I had an imaginary boyfriend either.

And the fucktivity continues…

I even encountered a guy who had the balls to say he was married!!!!

What the fuck?!

I swear… I think I’m gonna just start acting crazy. 🤷🏽‍♀️ It’s so frustrating sometimes especially when the initial conversation doesn’t even spark interest. Case in point all the examples of men that I turned down either talked about sex or money.

I guess that’s what these females have settled for. It’s basically got these dudes to believe that’s all it takes to get a woman. I’m sorry it’s gonna take more than a large penis and money to get my attention or better yet keep it.

But here’s my rant of the week… I shortened it btw so a lot of my usual outbursts we’re edited out. Such as this one… I wanted this episode to veer away from narcissistic people that we in turn try to convince of our good intent.

This episode was just for those strangers with a tad too much confidence. Although I should have kept the part about guys and their pick-up lines. Those are quite possibly the worst and I’m not talking about the dad jokes but the ones where someone tells for your attention from across the street while doing nothing but drawing needless attention.

And don’t get me started on those groups if men who are too young for me that try to convince me they’ve been with older women. I don’t know who those desperate females were but I’m not one. And let’s not forget the old heads that swear they still got “it” 🤦🏽‍♀️

Well they are just sad… They need to chill the most especially when they are a cheeseburger away from a heart attack.

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode because it was a doozy!

Until Next Time Kiddies,


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