The Single Chronicles (the one about situationships)

So I did a podcast blasting the fucktivity of confusing a real relationship with a situationship.

If you haven’t listened, click here.

Now if you are confused about a situationship… let me explain:

A situationship is a romantic relationship that’s undefined or uncommitted. It may be based on convenience or short-term circumstances. That doesn’t mean a situationship can’t have some or even all the trappings of a regular relationship, including an emotional connection.

While some folks are okay with the “terms” of a situationship, most will find themselves unknowingly caught up in one. I can’t really say why some confuse this with a relationship because it happens for so many reasons. Most times it’s because we seek companionship in any form we settle for any resemblance of it. Other times it’s because the partner we have chosen has lied or led us one. Now I am not going to downplay the importance of a situationship or talk down on it per se. My gripe is when it’s pawned as a committed relationship. Either way, I posted a video differentiating the two.

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