Project Power: An Insomniac Review

Project Power is the latest, most trending flick offered on Netflix now. So I decided to give it a watch. It stars Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dominique Fishback. The story entails a mysterious pill that grants its user 5 minutes of powers. The powers, which randomly depend on who ingests it are the results... Continue Reading →

Review: Netflix’s Marvel Defenders

Hey gang it's your favorite Insomniac here to talk about the new comic-book mashup: Marvel's Defenders, which premiered today on Netflix!  I mean I literally have been waiting all summer... and it's finally here!!  As if the hype wasn't enough, everyone including yours truly has been posting on social media or otherwise talking about it... Continue Reading →

Deadpool (review)

Hello there fans... I know long time no see! I apologize for the absence, which was more extended than I wanted. But at least I could come back on the topic of some shit I very well love: movies and well Ryan Reynolds! 🙂 So after anticipating and borderline craving, I finally feasted my eyes on Deadpool the movie! 👍 And... Continue Reading →

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