Meek Mill – Championship: An Insomniac Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done a music review. I thought it would be fitting to rant about a fellow Philly resident. But honestly, I wanted to give this a good listen to before dropping a review because most times, folks are so damn excited about new shit, they don’t even take time to make valid and solid review. That being said,

I guess it was fate that the same day I chose to purchase a domain and copyright my handle was the same day that recently paroled, Meek Mill’s album dropped. So I gave it a listen on Friday while at work. I mean I had to after seeing posts all over Instagram about Meek Mill’s new album, Championship. I knew the album would be good and listen-worthy but I didn’t expect what I got at all. But again I wanted to be critical, so I waited.

What’s my verdict? Well hours later at 3am…I was still listening to it.

I had a slight tingle as soon as the first track ‘Intro’ started. I hear Phil Collins’ infamous song, In The Air Tonight come on. Sampling this song meant the verses had no choice but to go hard. I didn’t know if I would hear Meek’s yelling but he started off with mellow version of himself.

But then I got an eargasm right off the back… and then the infamous drum solo! OMG 🎧🔥👀. Ok that was a bit extra but you get the drift.

The crazy part was that I was thrown off by the title thinking, I’m only in for a tease as most album openers with a title “Intro” usually are but this was pretty much a full song that came in crazy and kept my head banging. Despite others sometimes going on twice as long these days. Nonetheless I was in my office trying to contain my excitement when I played the first track a few times.

I may do a reaction video…hmmm!

Holy Shit… I still had 18 more songs to get through!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a Meek Mill fan and have followed his work since Flamers, however I was still critical. Meaning I kinda knew what to expect from him as an artist but so much had gone on with this dude since plus you know money changes the game for so many rappers out here, **cough**Kanye**cough**. But to hell what I thought because honestly I was taken away from Championship. You can tell that he’s grown so much since his last album and especially more so since his mix tapes. Not just as a rapper overall.

Here was a man who did some stupid shit in his time and had not only learned from it, used it as a platform. Mill’s time in jail and harsher-than-necessary probation as well as the racial climate culminates from a lot of verses on this album and the experience is totally eminent in his rhymes. You can hear it in his voice! What’s more awesome is that he uses his platform and the microphone to speak about the injustice and discrimination that so many young, black males experience.

Most people that have listened to Meek Mill expect yelling over trap music but this album was different because he comes in hard but there’s a maturity behind his voice and his lyrics. All of his rhymes are dope even to the collaboration, On Me with Cardi B, who stepped up her lyrical game as well since Bodak Yellow.

Now that’s funny because his ex is totally beefing with Cardi (like OH MY GERD)… I assume Nicki’s face would be something like…


Other team ups include, What’s Free, a more upbeat sample from Biggie’s What’s Beef including infamous did he take shots or not liners from Jay-Z as well as a verse from Rick Ross.

My favorite hype/dance song collaboration, Uptown Vibes with Anuel AA & Fabolous. TOTAL EARGASM!!! That’s an honest understatement because all 19 songs are pretty much dope. Meek is definitely hottest right now. Some of his songs get you hyped and make you one at work and other songs make you think.

This is probably the first rap album that I’ve heard in a long time that wasn’t skip-worthy. If you are a Philly native, rap/hip hop enthusiast, Meek Mill fan or just like good music you…trust me, you will find something on this album that you can jam to. I guarantee you it. Trust me my opinion is not biased based on the fact that Meek Mill is from Philly or I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him personally. This is really a good album from start to finish…and thank God because I was going to scream if I had to hear another mumble-mouth rapper.

He even has a track with Drake which came as a slight surprise following the beef they had about a year ago. Whatever drama they had it is clearly smash thrashed and going because they both come hard on this album and it’s not even about competition is about to lyrical artist collaborating together and making a hot ass song.

I didn’t really care for album cover but then when I thought about it the color scheme, green and confetti, I thought about the Philadelphia Eagles going from underdogs to NFL champions last year… it makes sense. Although, it would’ve been nice if the birds were doing just as well this year. Shit, the fact that Meek Mill was an underdog (of the system) after being sent back to prison all the while many expected him to become another repeat statistic, would have been dope especially if my city’s underdog team wasn’t ass.

But I’m not an Eagles fan…so moving along.


That being said, Meek he comes back hard he’s a prime example of turning a negative into a positive & channeling your emotions into your craft.

My vote? It’s awesome! Give it a listen you will not be let down I guarantee you it.

Until next time kiddies,


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