American Horror Story:Hotel (review)

**As with most reviews, this post may contain spoilers**

I can’t be the only one who looked up the “She Wants Revenge” tune, “Tear You Apart” after watching the American Horror Story: Hotel season 5 premiere…I mean it’s been weeks & I am still in love with this song (in case you’re wondering I’ve attached the actual video and not the infamous sex scene it was very much apart of). How bizarre, this song is quite a few years old and if you’re like me… you’ve probably added to the few extra million views on YouTube.

Anywho, my review is for as I mentioned season 5 of American Horror Story: Hotel

Episode 1 started out with such a horribly, sexually charged yet awesome bang…that I recall my jaw being dropped to the floor as I watched. It was the 1st time in a long time that I actually wanted to keep watching but turn my eyes away all at the dawn damn time!

If you’re wondering why… Well in 4 words I can explain the most bizarre of all the WTF moments in this show: Weirdo Dude with the Metal Spike… Ok that’s technically 6 but who counting ‘with’ & ‘the’ anyhow?

Which brings me to our main antagonist, Lady Gaga who has me like 😍😍. lady-gaga-american-horror-storyShe is fierce as the Countess. I’m usually cautioned when singers act but Lady Gaga in my opinion fits right in with the weirdo-gory-sexy-craziness of this show! AHS:HOTEL is awesome so far but I won’t lie, I am equally disgusted & confused as I am entertained & turned on…lol.

I am experiencing the same feel that I got seasons prior but with a whole new storyline. (except 3…still not super crazy about Coven, I mean I liked it but it’s not the best AHS season). So far it’s gooooodddd…

All the other characters are amazing too! I mean I would definitely be attached to the arm to “Liz Taylor” the cross dressing, not gay hotel attendant…believe it or not he’s probably the most balanced character there! I don’t even trust that cop guy, to be honest.

Returning are 2 of my favs… The ageless & beautiful Angela Bassett. angela-basset american-horror-story-hotel

She has this blood vendetta with Gaga (despite the fact that they had such “good times” together…LOL)! She is one of my favorite actresses in the business to begin with…not to mention she is beautiful inside & out… My goal in life is to look like her at that age!

And then there’s Kathy Bates. kathy bates
I don’t care what emotionally fucked up character she plays… I love her! I have admired her since she brought to life the infamous Nurse Annie Wilkes from Misery (the Stephen King book/movie) If you haven’t seen it…RENT IT! You will have a new found respect for sledge hammers. HAHA

Even those creepy vampire kids in the hotel who kinda remind me of the Village of the Damned…nice touch to the story line. But one must wonder what kind of damage will it have on anyone stuck as a kid forever. (Hint Claudia in the Interview With The Vampire).

Oh & PLOT TWIST!!!!! Those junior high kids!!! OMG!!! It turned into a regular Vampire High real quick! Just waiting to see if that creepy “spike” guy thing will be making a reappearance.

Lastly you have the “infamous” James Patrick March played by the adorable Evan Peters. Evan-Peters
He diabolically delicious & frightening at the same time. His hotel although classically designed is all types of crazy. I mean windowless rooms that have doors, some of which that unlock only from the outside, hidden chutes used to hide victims & torture rooms. I don’t know if the creators have admitted it but this season’s theme does play some serious homage to H.H. Holmes.

Although his hotel wasn’t in LA & this psycho was caught & executed here in Philly but the small character similarities are still uncannily awesome especially pertaining to how this crazy ass hotel is. If you have no clue who this maniac was, He was pretty much the country’s 1st serial killer and who made profit from it back in the 1800’s.

Attention Class, Here is a brief History lesson:

Besides it’s only fair since they paid homage to some of history’s famous serial killers this season. Names such as Eileen Wournos, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez & even the uncaught Zodiac Killer. I look forward to seeing what other plots will unravel. However one thing plagues me… what the hell is up with that little girl, you know the cop’s daughter? Her parents are so hell bent on the son, Holden (who the Countess kidnapped) but that little girl is the one who’s neglected the most. If anyone is damaged by the end of the season…it’ll be her.

As always there is so much going on with this show… And could the sex scenes be more hot/graphic….Shit is this Cinemax? HAHAHA

I love it!

Needless to say I can never wait to check into the Hotel Cortez each & every Wednesday night!

it's awesome

Well until next time Kiddies,

Shalom & See you in room 64… 😉

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