Be unapologetically you. Be uncompromised. Be understanding. But Be who you were meant to be. Do not bend your spine in any way that it was not meant to bend. Do not allow others to devour your spirit. Do not spare & dissect your happiness or beliefs. But do unto others as you would like done unto you.... Continue Reading →

Chef Attack (Food Review)

Ever have a meal that as soon as you placed a piece of it in your mouth, you heard a HalleluYAH chorus singing? Immediately after, you experienced chills, followed by a feeling of euphoria? Well my friend... You have just experienced an oral-gasm! In addition to some of my normal rant/rave blogs, I will be... Continue Reading →

New on TV: Empire (review)

So I waited after week 2 to post a review on the new show Empire starring Terrance Howard & Taraji Henson. Why? Because I wasn't sold on the pilot alone! But after the second episode... Here's my take on the musical drama! Mainly because I hate judging a show by the pilot. At first I was... Continue Reading →

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