Chef Attack (Food Review)

SavedPicture-2015224104921.jpgEver have a meal that as soon as you placed a piece of it in your mouth, you heard a HalleluYAH chorus singing? Immediately after, you experienced chills, followed by a feeling of euphoria? Well my friend… You have just experienced an oral-gasm! In addition to some of my normal rant/rave blogs, I will be throwing in some food blogs as well from time to time!! Recently, I had the pleasure of tasting some excellent food by a pro chef I know!

Ron “The Chef” Medford’s displays were not only visually enticing but tasty as well. Personally, I’m a wing connoisseur! I understand the art that goes into making any flavor chicken buffalo style type wings! But this guy makes a style that is not only all his own but friggin’ addictive.
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He also throws in a few other tantalizing entrées such as my fav salmon, shrimp and steak for all of you carnivores.

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What makes his style stand out is not just the overall taste of Ron’s dishes but his technique.  The salmon isn’t mushy or undercooked. The chicken isn’t over done or unseasoned. The veggies I had were steamed more than my liking but nonetheless they were seasoned well & quite delicious.  I give him a thumbs up…

it's awesome

You can find Mr. Ron “the chef” on Facebook or catch him in action at Club Onyx here in Philly (South Philly to be exact).  He operates as the head chef in charge and I when I say in charge…. I mean it!

Well until later kiddies…

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