Procrastinating?? Or strategically planning…Hmmm


Well as my regular TV season coming to an end, I find myself plagued with the inevitable option of doing all the things I’ve procrastinated since the fall! Like cleaning out my basement, renovating parts of my house or my next book (it’s still a work in progress). Sadly, I’m finding myself boggled down with so much that I’m losing focus on things lately. I’m hoping that some time off in the near future will undo that.


About a year or 2 ago, I was focusing on my theater project until financial responsibility forced me to do otherwise. I still have my working out and blogging that will mostly take the majority of my attention. But so far my business start of up providing rides to drunk people have consumed most of my free time. Hopefully my book can get done before the year end. If not there is always being stuck in remedial office work again!
focus woman

I mean it’s not that I’m lazy because I’m always on the move. I just get in my own way sometimes. I truly need a personal assistant or get my phone to remind me to do things during the day better. Maybe one of those hypnotherapists can help. At least I have Cortana on my phone… She’s better than Siri and I should utilize that if only I can stay not distracted long enough. LOL

Well on to walk the dog & publish some of these drafts in this blog here… Oh wait the new season of Teen Wolf will be coming back & Orange is the New Black is on Netflix right now… Plus I need to catch up on last seasons Blacklist…
pretty little liars hanna watching tv

FUCK…TV here I come!

Well Until Next Time Kiddies…

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