It is the light that once shone bright among us that dimmed. It is the smile that once gleamed passing by that will no longer be. But even in death, brings life. From sadness one day hope will rise. For tomorrow that smile & that light will brighten the sky... But as for today, I... Continue Reading →

Poem of thought 69

It's 2 in the morning After the drinks my words are slurring All of a sudden my mind is racing I don't know what these demons are I'm chasing I am the definition of a drunken Insomniac I guess now is the best time to see where my mind is at These words I choose... Continue Reading →


Right about now... That statement, that moment when you're thinking about the other person wondering if they're thinking about you...  You've been hurt, angered and hurt again... The sheer thought of being ok shreds your heart to pieces. And then all of the dust settles, the shock has settled in...you find yourself at a moment... Continue Reading →

When it’s gone…it’s…gone

I should’ve cried my heart out now that you’re gone. But I am a dry wasteland inside after so much you’ve done I’ve been here before so many times for the same crime Of loving fully someone not worth my space & time Am I full of regrets? Perhaps, maybe But I am equally tired... Continue Reading →

poem of thought, 101

Departing the house of pain and lies filled with rooms of doubt and despair. I stepped away and looked down at my ashes in my hands, the smoke in my hair. I kept walking away never stopping to look back, not contemplating one turn Because I had poured the gasoline, struck the match and watched it... Continue Reading →

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