a woman scorned

I am jaded. I am a woman scorned.

I am vulnerable but it is here where I’m most strong.

I took 2 steps backwards but it feels like 200.

I am loved by many yet by you unwanted.

To trust so easily was for me downright silly.

But you brought it out so fast…it was like I was the old naive version of me.

Your darkness.
Your youthful blackness.

I thrusted myself into you.

I gave away my secrets no one else ever knew.

I took steps to your lead and in your words I believed, which led me wrong

For you to tell me I was I excessive and that I came off too strong.

To me, you were a mere stranger that I allowed to smell my roses.

And to you I became the toy you in turn ghosted.

I gave no one so much that I gave you in a moment.

And at that same moment, I now regret every second.

I gave you a chance for a song and dance.

Not knowing that again this chance would be the last.

I first told myself to slow down and pump the brakes.

Because in my head I knew you were a huge mistake.

The teacher of love became the student of pain.

Only to have my trust mistreated and broken again.

But from this lesson I learned.

And so yet again I am a woman scorned.

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