Me Myself & I

I recently went out on a date not too (too) long ago and while it was a fun time, not to mention me having a good time for once, I must admit I thought I would've felt more happy or something in good company. All I could think about was all the shit I had [...]

poem of thought, 101

Departing the house of pain and lies filled with rooms of doubt and despair. I stepped away and looked down at my ashes in my hands, the smoke in my hair. I kept walking away never stopping to look back, not contemplating one turn Because I had poured the gasoline, struck the match and watched it [...]


I've had a hole in my heart ever since my grandpa got bigger when my grandma passed too. Sometimes I feel more lonely even around people more than I've felt in a while... Not knowing how to fill this void makes me so sick. I hate being sad. I had being pissed off or [...]