Throwback Thursday: Gaming, Social Media, Oh & Mortal Kombat

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So I was cleaning out my basement… well attempting to and I would’ve never guess to have found not only a few old Sega, Nintendo & Super Nintendo games but the consoles as well.  It’s funny because I had feared them to be lost years ago or stolen.

Man am I sorry for mentally accusing folks. But oh well all is well. 🙂

My fav that I found was Mortal Kombat…yep the very first one for Sega Genesis.
sega mortal kombatI mean it was 16 bits of violent glorious ecstasy from the moment I brought it home. I am so psyched to see if it still works & what makes this discovery even more awesome is that Mortal Kombat X (10) just released like 2 days ago.
Mortal-Kombat-XSweeet.. 😉

I can’t wait to kick some ass on both games.

But this week’s trip down memory lane comes with a hint of sadness. I mean as cool as it is to play thousands of other random gamers. I missed the nostalgia of playing side by side with someone I actually know. I mean our social society has built us to be well anti-social. Today’s generation has no interactive social skills of any kind. It’s sad. It’s 1 thing to have an awesome gaming technique…it’s another thing to have no other useful skills either…
South-Park-GamerHere we are with the means to connect with anyone anywhere in the world at anytime and yet we couldn’t be more further apart or disconnected.

Now I’m not saying that I despise social media or online gaming… HELL NO! But it pains me that the means of communications are ironically driving us farther apart. From being “social” hermits in the house with 5,000 friends & followers yet no company to keep except our shadows.
facebook slaveI say reach out, grab some beers (if you’re old enough) and hang with some friends & connect in person. Not just a night club either. LOL

Well until later kiddies… the moral of the story is to live more, get out, have fun…hop on the highway to hell like you’re gonna die tomorrow.


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