Ramblings of an Introverted Insomniac

I sit alone with my coffee. Contemplating will I stay or be free.

It’s almost 2 in the morning and I’m caffeinated yet heavily sedated.

Spent my time and money just to get your honey. Wrote you love letters with no intent of mailing.

I’m both lovesick a love scorn wanting to be held like a rose with no thorn.

Injected with toxic poison but inside is the antidote. I feel the pain of love in letters that I wrote.

The answer was always deep inside of me but the key was was lost at sea.

I committed emotional suicide at the cost hypothetical homicide. I took to my pen again and chose not to hide.

A big chunk of me disentegrated and destroyed but another part of me reborn free.

Lost am I to what love is? Someone asked what does it mean to me? I couldn’t answer honestly.

Standing on the edge of freedom alone in the darkened light with the last of the sun kissing the edge of the sea.

I’m going to stay and sit where I’ll take another sip of coffee contemplating do I stand alone or swim free.

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