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So I’ve been preparing myself for the inevitable layoff with my employer of nearly 6 years.  It has brought me to the conclusion I have always felt deeply about, which is… you can never be truly happy working for someone else.  Of course there is nothing wrong with having that dream job or career but in my past experience, you are at the disposal of your job.  I’ve been laid off before and so this does not come at any shock.  Despite the accolades and pats on the back for all my hard work, I am not with a hint of disdain or resentment.  Why? Because I put in all that I had and will leave knowing that I was only here to prepare myself for something greater.  But what often pisses me off is the shit you put up with before you take that final stroll to happy hour.  It’s the scrutiny, the compromise on your behalf without so much as a hint of appreciation and the corporate backstabbing are the things I will be most glad to step away from.  These things as if they don’t foster bad morale and a drainage in enthusiaum…they make you really happy to walk away.  Sadly though it isn’t without some sort of pain in my side that I wish I would’ve given people more of my ass to kiss over the years.  It’s not wonder people make so many lateral moves in this day in age!

I feel most sad for those along with me who were just inches away from retirement.  I mean those who feel that they cannot be placed anywhere else because they sacrificed so much for their job and for what? Most people may not have the credentials to get hired elsewhere and let’s face it how many times has good ol’ fashion experience been trumped by a piece of paper?

Anywho, it was a while back that I felt deeply the need to work for none other than myself.  To provide a service to others that not only pleased/entertained them but compensated me.  I mean who wouldn’t? But it wasn’t without some sort of ass-wipe, comments and thoughts of pessimism that has been annoying to say the least. What I really and truly hate is when so-called loved ones shoot down every idea that you have…only to back stab you and take it for themselves, watch as some other lucky fool embarks and succeeds on what you would like to do or lastly…leave you out to dry when your misery brought on by regret is too much to deal with.

Well to them…I say:





Or my fav…


Anywho, it is this that I share with my reader (yes I meant that singular), Follow your dreams as I have with my writing and will continue to with my theatre plans. Fuck the haters! They only tell you can’t do something because they can’t or won’t for whatever reasons.

And to those for feel that they are stuck in a meaningless, dead-end job…make the best of it, take vacations, give it your all or better yet, look for a job elsewhere!


Nothing is worse than looking back on your life with regret. I would rather try and fail than to never had tried at all.  I look at failure as a stepping stone toward a better idea or strategy.  It’s a way to redefine your mission in life or success.  With that said…I’m off to start my business proposal and finish my next book!

Shalom my friends!!

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