Being Grateful through Uncomfortable Changes

Metamorphosis is defined as the change in form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.

Looking back, 2020 has been a tough year for us all. Most of us have lost so much including loved ones and jobs. Despite these drastic changes, a lot of folks used this as a time to grow and emerge victorious like phoenixes from the fire. I won’t lie, 2020 forced me to make uncomfortable changes. Some changes I’m actually proud of. And some I need to work on. Changes that have forced me to grow as an individual in so many facets of my life. Had I not been forced out of my comfort zone then perhaps I wouldn’t have enjoy the small successes this year. Those of which I intend to turn into BIG successes.

We all lost so much but the same time, we all had so much to gain. And that being said, there were a special group of folks who used the time to glow up and transform things. These were the ones that took adversity and inspired me to push on. Much like the Talented Tenth W.E.B. Dubois talked about in his book of the same name.
And it was these things that the lot of us gained greatness… So much so that I thought it was best to take a moment and revel in them and be proud of them.

What impressed me most was how some used their newly freed time to be better and even create new streams of income. I wanted to highlight this because 2020 seemed like one of those bad moments that most people took for granted what they had because they harped over what they had lost.

So instead of sadness and lamentation, I am focusing on greatness and celebration.

So what are you proud of doing in 2020? Can you name at least 5 things you’re grateful for?

List them in the comments or my Instagram posts via the links below.

I pray all of you are safe and that in 2021 lies a metamorphosis of growth and greatness!

Until Next time kiddies,

Be Awesome, Be You, But Above All Else… Love Yourself


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