Mid Season Finales (review)

Since I haven't done a review in a while... I guess I will get my blog on the recent mid-season finales I got to catch. Below are my fall-winter picks to wait for... (spoilers below). Although I tried to 1. Supernatural Now I am starting with this one because I have been a fan since... Continue Reading →


Broken girl with no tears left to cry! She was once so naive, so hopeful but it's as if her soul has died! She worship the ground her loved one walked on but now she is the ground that is trampled on. Tired of trying to love and so she just watches the days go... Continue Reading →

Adios Sanchez…Hello Vick! (JETS QB LO-DOWN)

Well it would seem that my soaring J-men have added a bit of controversy to the already steaming pile of QB madness. Last Friday, New York Jets organization have dumped the all-too-famous Mark “Butt-fumble” Sanchez for Michael “Pit-bull Foe” Vick! As he signs a deal shortly after Sanchez's departure, fans (true ones that is) can... Continue Reading →

My Whore over Heroin

Warning: The following contains sexually implied content! The thin lines between lust, love, hate… often blurred & easily broken. It’s addiction at its strongest…much like a straight heroin injection. I hate how it makes me quiver but I need & I want it…the longing. The emptiness in my veins craves to be ravished...I'm jonesin' It’s... Continue Reading →

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