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Broken girl with no tears left to cry! She was once so naive, so hopeful but it’s as if her soul has died! She worship the ground her loved one walked on but now she is the ground that is trampled on.

Tired of trying to love and so she just watches the days go by. No change, just habits of days and nights as they come and go! Once mesmerized to the matters of the heart and mind, now she is a slave to the flesh. She let someone damage her. Her upbeat personality sprawled on the concrete like a crime scene.

What happened?
She lost herself…

She lost her faith, she lost her spirit, she lost everything that made her shine! Now she is just damaged goods. No good for anything or anyone! She can’t, she won’t do better…because she doesn’t know how. She forgot how to love naturally! It’s how good girls turn bad. It’s when attention is mistaken for affection!

She is ok with being with someone, anyone as long as she isn’t alone any longer. It’s her loneliness that’s her weakness and so she settles for being someone’s right now girl instead of someone’s Mrs. Right Woman! It’s her way of coping

Robbed of her smile yet denying how she’s been depraved of the very happiness she once exuberated. It’s how her fears came alive…

It’s being broken…

It’s being damaged!

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