Mid Season Finales (review)


Since I haven’t done a review in a while… I guess I will get my blog on the recent mid-season finales I got to catch. Below are my fall-winter picks to wait for… (spoilers below). Although I tried to

1. Supernatural
Now I am starting with this one because I have been a fan since day one However despite this, I am trying to grasp where this season is going. I am assuming it will center on Dean and his “darkness” but I am (can’t believe I am going to say this) struggling with interest.  As much as I love this show it’s all over the place unalike it’s former seasons (specifically 1-5). That being said I am going to wait it out before I cast much judgment but as far as a mid-season ending… it was just blah for me. I don’t know what to think of this last episode or season in general. Although I am curious what’ll become of my #MCM Dean.


2. Arrow
arrow season 3
Can you say PLOT TWIST? When this series first came on, I wasn’t really into it and then suddenly my other celeb crush, Colton Haynes joined and so I figured I would check it out. Well a year + later, I did. I hopped on Netflix and watch the first 2 seasons in a few weeks and I AM HOOKED! The mid season finale had one hell of an ending and has me gripping my seat, TV & PC (depending on where/how I tuned in). That epic but brief fight with Ra Sa Gul was crazy. I can’t wait for the return.


3. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
I started watching this show from the beginning and between my schedule, I fell off. Well I am glad I caught back up.  What a bang on the mid season finisher. Sad to see an agent go… especially one of my favs but I am so excited to see where this show is going. Between Ward and his hidden motives and Skye with her super powered alien juice… I can’t wait!!!

4. Sons of Anarchy
Now I know that SOA is a done deal but with past seasons on Netflix & Hulu… I think this addictive series is one you may want to get into online while awaiting the return of everything else. Bye Bye Jax (tear)

5. Sleepy Hollow
sleep hollow
This show took a turn for the bizarre merging a classic tale with that of the supernatural and the book of revelations.  It takes Biblical & American history and intertwined them into a tale of mystery that dates back to the days of the American Revolution.  This mid season finale found Ichabod and Abbie racing to save the world from the End of Days. I will say that I didn’t see that ending coming. Henry…you shock me every time.

6. Vampire Diaries
There have been times that this show made me think less of vampires… but then I look at that sexy ass Damon and think. Actually I don’t think, I just watch those dreamy blue eyes and zone out.  Anyway the mid season finale and pretty much this entire season has me rather pissy. I really hate how they are doing Bonnie. I mean she can’t catch a break.  To be the most selfless character, she gets the shortest end of the stick ALWAYS! And can someone decapitate or cut off Kai’s hands.  Sure he is a little cutie but he is such an asshole.

7. The Flash
This show was another reason that I caught up on the Arrow. I mean the crossovers had me realizing what I was missing. Anywho, I mean aside from what you know from the comics, this show pretty much stays true to that and it’s a little lighter than it’s other DC counterpart.  I love the chemistry between the actors and I really love the fact that Barry’s (The Flash) dad is played by the guy who played the Flash in the childhood TV show I remember. Anywho, I am curious as to what’s up with the doctor…WHAT IS HE UP TO? Oh and Reverse Flash, I am sure we will see him again.

8. American Horror Story
As if clowns aren’t scary enough…add some other twisted looking individuals, a morbid plot and a eerie setting… You got about 60 minutes of crazy shit. If you haven’t checked out this year’s show of AHS, well please do yourself a solid and do so. Why? Simple…3 words: Twisty the Clown! And it didn’t stop there, the amazing acting that made me cry for Pepper and the need to know what became of Lobster boy… has me at sigh…

9. The Walking Dead
What can I say… I have been in love with this show from the start. With some episodes not really doing much for me and others blowing me away, TWD has been one of the most ingenious shows on cable tv.  Sure it’s gory, witty and makes you think what would life be like in a post-apocalyptic world? The crazy thing is between cannibals, paranoia & those trying create a new world order…the zombies are the least of ones worries.  Unless you’re surrounded by hordes of them and no weapon. Nonetheless we lost a main character and boy was it sad! Damn Darryl, when you cry… I just wanna hold you in my arms. 😦

10. Grimm
Let’s see. Take a typical cop show, fairy tale stories and throw in some head chopping and fighting and you have Grimm.  Last week’s episode has me wondering what happened to Adeline’s baby and if she will ever find her.  I really gotta love/hate thing for her. I love the fact that she is a do whatever it takes survive thing but she is so conniving…AAAHH!! And poor Rosalee and Monroe. Why can’t they just be happy without the whole racist/anti-species mixing bull. Bad enough Nick and Juliette can’t just be happy. Hopefully this fairy-tale inspired story can give someone a happily ever after.

Bonus. Constantine
Another comic book show & supernatural theme. (yes I am predictable…lol) But unlike the Keanu Reeves flick, the writers stayed rather true to the comics down to the accent and hair color. Anywho last week’s mid season finale started out as a solve the mystery-hunt the baddie.  However the show concluded with a save an innocent/screw the hero plot twist. I mean the only reason I am on the edge of my seat is because of rumors that this show may not have a season 2.  I mean they can’t kill off ol’ Johnny boy… I mean can they?

Well there you have my top picks…. Until next time!

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