I See More Than Rainbows! 🌈💀

So last week, The Supreme Court passed a law legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states here in the land of the good ol' Red White and Blue! Well if that wasn't good news then I don't know what is. But lets look past the colorful distraction & pay close attention to some issues that... Continue Reading →

Adios Sanchez…Hello Vick! (JETS QB LO-DOWN)

Well it would seem that my soaring J-men have added a bit of controversy to the already steaming pile of QB madness. Last Friday, New York Jets organization have dumped the all-too-famous Mark “Butt-fumble” Sanchez for Michael “Pit-bull Foe” Vick! As he signs a deal shortly after Sanchez's departure, fans (true ones that is) can... Continue Reading →

Hey, I’M BACK…again!

Well your favorite cranky insomniac is back from vacation, or another sabbatical (if you will and otherwise a good end to a not so crappy summer. I actually did shit, both me & the kid. Last month, in August marked our annual runaway-from-the-hood trip! I knew it was time for a vacation, it was well overdue. So we... Continue Reading →

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