Hey, I’M BACK…again!


Well your favorite cranky insomniac is back from vacation, or another sabbatical (if you will and otherwise a good end to a not so crappy summer. I actually did shit, both me & the kid. Last month, in August marked our annual runaway-from-the-hood trip!

I knew it was time for a vacation, it was well overdue. So we packed up the Impala and headed on our way yet again! Last year it was Hershey Park and the area.  This year it was road-tripping through the Poconos as well as the middle of no-friggin-where PA, hiking, camping near Lake Erie and most importantly sight-seeing at good ol’ Niagara Falls.

And it was great not just for me but the both of us. To get out of the hood and have some fun together.  No drama, no worries. Just fun.  I encourage everyone to do the same, even if it’s the cheapest getaway you can muster…you deserve it!

Niagara Falls trip

What a blast we had. I have tons of pics, however some are yet to be attained from my little one’s camera. And she really had some good shots from the road.

I even made a slide show 🙂 Enjoy!

Or click here to see some trip footage

Thanks so much for following and tuning in! Oh if you see a flux in posts, it’s because I am pulling all the shit I had on drafts…lol!

Stay Tuned

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