Adios Sanchez…Hello Vick! (JETS QB LO-DOWN)


Well it would seem that my soaring J-men have added a bit of controversy to the already steaming pile of QB madness. Last Friday, New York Jets organization have dumped the all-too-famous Mark “Butt-fumble” Sanchez for Michael “Pit-bull Foe” Vick! As he signs a deal shortly after Sanchez’s departure, fans (true ones that is) can only hope for a light at the end of a championship-less tunnel!


That in mind, fans across the board have reacted somewhat like the Eagles’ fans did a few years ago, with emotions ranging from lack of concern to downright outrage. Some fans are choosing to take their so-called loaylty elsewhere.

Me personally as a Jets fan, I am tired of not winning chips seasons after season.
me the jets fan

As a dog lover, I think that the entourage of Mr. Vick deserves a fine ass kicking (I mean you do know he didn’t actually run the dog fighting ring, don’t you?) It was however financed on his property, leaving him to take the rap for it when the fuzz came busting in…I CAN ONLY IMAGINE! I mean wasn’t he off playing with the Falcons or something?

Who knows?

What we do know is that Vick didn’t actually admit his involvement in any of those acts when he signed his summary of facts. So by all accounts, it can be assumed that he wasn’t truly, personally involved in the everyday operations of the “kennel” operation. He was guilty of inhumane treatment of animals, no doubt, but it’s still unclear what his personal involvement actually was.

vick dog fighting

That being said, I say FUCK IT!

This man did the “time” for his crime. Regardless if he is the next best QB or a janitor at MetLife, let that man just get a paycheck! Honestly folks, people have gotten off for a whole lot worse and yet had half the flack this man has had.

They let OJ off and they let Zimmerman off!
Shit, they even let that Ben Rothlis-I-can’t-spell-or-say-his-damn-name continue to play for the Steelers!

Don’t get me wrong as an animal lover & pit owner, I feel that the dog-fighting business much like any trafficking or exploitation crime is despicable and those involved should be punished to the fullest! There’s no doubt that Vick not only feels remorseful for his misdeeds and involvement in the dog-fighting shit but I think that he has matured since the incident. I definitely hope that he has picked a better group of individuals to associate with (relatives or not).


jets fan


I love Geno but the rookie needs seasoning, he needs to realize the weight of the team is not his to bear alone and that win/lose, the confidence levels must stay at an all time high! I hope that they can rotate these two talented individuals swiftly & smoothly. I mean Geno has some really great potential! I see him having a successful career in the NFL! Besides, even the great Manning had a bad rookie season! Reports show that Geno is happy about the would-be union with Vick. Honestly, I think he should be.  He can use the push & healthy competition amongst mates!


Geno started and wrapped up last season with some impressive gaming. Despite the 20+ turnovers, I still have faith in my rookie! To top it off, I think that Vick’s tough skin will be a good mentoring factor for our rookie! But time will only tell on the field come this season later in the year. Especially when it comes to who’s starting and who’s riding the bench!  Hopefully they’ll will put aside the pettiness & showboating and play some damn football!!!!

My thoughts about Sanchez???


He is cute with a nice ass! LOL. Aside from that! Sanchez had a pretty good run in the beginning as a rookie! The former 2009 first round pick out of USC had ups & downs with the Jets! It was feast or famine during Sanchez’s tenure leading the Jets to 2 AFC championship games before things went to shit!

sanchez afc division champs

You can either blame the infamous Butt-fumble fiasco with the offensive line during the Pats game or his consistent turnovers, down to his nail-in-the-casket, shoulder injury in the pre-season last year.


You can even blame Rex’s favor of Geno… nonetheless the point is that the Sanchez reign is a done deal! Vick is here, Geno is here and hell Rex well he’s still here too!

So either you’re gonna stick with the Jets and hope for a brighter season or you can go piss off!

Well til next time folks…

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