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Rarely do I ever point a judgmental finger at some folks, especially when it comes to classifying an entire group of people. But everyday I am out/about or I’m perusing social media, it pains me to see where we as women of color are failing. It’s not to say all because we are leading the race in secondary education to our male counterparts. Not to mention black American women are bypassing glass ceilings and taking more higher paying jobs. Hell we are even putting back those boxes of relaxer to show off natural hairstyles. But what does it mean for the groups of women I see on a regular basis? It’s not looking so great! We are leading the race on sad statistics like STDs, single parenting, etc.


Before you read on thinking I am here to bash black women, STOP! I have had first hand experience with the black men who are failing our society who at times make me wanna trade chocolate for vanilla all over again. Seriously the sex-driven, bad-bitch lusting, booty worshipping, lazy, unemployed, deadbeat dad ass dudes are making a piss poor name for a lot of black men who are out here doing the damn thing… I swear you fellas can have your “THOTS” I am near through. I’m looking at my hand in the life game of poker and despite a full house… I am contemplating folding! Want to see why? Click Here on about Wanting to be Single

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Shit, I know all races/sexes have their embarrassments or socially inept castaways but from what I can tell, our big bad “baddies” are leading the race to downfall! My point isn’t that we are becoming the poster children for the worst of the worst. It is that our shitty behavior is always personified and often magnified as horrible! And sadly on some “Worldstar hiphop shit, it is! “The world is but a stage…” And we are the minstrel-hopping jesters!

We already have woman bashing individuals who use their status in life as well as social media to downgrade women who wear weaves or are independent. I mean we live in a male-driven misogynistic society…but damn! So why pick on the black female, specifically? We aren’t the only ratchet individuals out there I am sure.

bad girls club
Bad Girls Club
Jersey Shore

Yes again some other races/sexes are failing too but am I Caucasian, Asian or a male? NO! So I cannot comment on the state of affairs of such! So where did we go wrong? How can we repair the damage? Well to be honest it’s starts at home! As parents, & caregivers… Oh fuck, as adults… we are showing our children that it is ok to not value family, marriage, settling down or the home itself. It is okay to sleep around despite the risk of disease. We are showing them that the aspect of being a spouse is “uncool!” Something as simple as family dinner has become a fading memory in the black community. When the fuck did that happen?

Quite simply, we are teaching our already fucked up youth that is ok to run wild, self-hate and worst have zero fucking accountability for it all.

I mean I hate to get all Biblical or theological but I can’t go a day without thinking about my late grandmother’s warning about these being the last days.  I mean to be immoral and full of non-love is the “in” thing to do.  I remember when I was on my abstinent kick… I got the teased and often looked at like I had AIDS.  It was hard to fathom that I no longer got drunk or high anymore.  When I tell folks I prefer reading, watching the CW or cartoons to reality TV shows, I swear I’m supposed to turn in my race card somewhere.

When did we trade “I’m black & I’m proud” for “Turn up”?
black proud womenvs.strip club turn up

Nonetheless, it brings me back to my original conclusion of our women.  Afros were traded for weaves.  Clothes that flaunted our curves modestly were traded for trashy next to nothingness that pervaded the result of poor dieting.

Little girls wanted to be doctors when they grew up and now they aspire to be strippers or porn stars.
african-american-female-doctor vs. 563_1000

Home Economics of learning to cook or clean were traded for tutorials on how to twerk and hood fight videos. I swore I wrote about this before…lol! Yeah gender roles change often but you still need to know how to Act Like a Lady! Remember being from the ghetto doesn’t mean You Have to Be Ghetto

Funny I never thought that being a ho instead of a housewife would mean you were winning. I mean look how we glorify the role of being a side chick. We have moved to idolizing sex and money these days.  I am just hoping that this doesn’t lead to the destruction of civilization like it did in the Old Testament… That would be scary…
Well til later kiddies!

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