A Franchise of Epic Flow

So I guess it would be my turn to step forward in this dance. To ponder my words after given this next chance. You wanted my comeback, my response, well you so got it. That smile on my lips, explosion behind my eyes, you sparked it. Damn here I go again the next go-round &... Continue Reading →

The Moment in Longing

To be falling so fast To lose my advantage To fall so sudden I now feel blissfully damaged Am I awake from sleeping for so long Who am I when I look at my reflection My heart, my womb feeling pierced To give it away with no protection I am sitting here looking down But... Continue Reading →


We live in a world in fear of eminent dangers! There is always a threat of some kind out there. We fear the unknown, yet we have faith in the unseen. We are always on guard against peril, yet always caught off guard when terror strikes!


Google, Youtube and the overall internet has made some of you the most idiotic and moronic sets of buffoons this side of the equator. Basically there are a lot of Dumbasses out there! No disrespect to the engineers of the search engine turned media mogul, to those who use the internet wisely or for porn and pirated... Continue Reading →

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