What’s this? I Shouldn’t BE Single? (A B*tch Blog)

So today’s blog is brought to you by the last few ‘Hump Day Thought of the Week’ posts. I know for some of you it may have seemed…well a little bitchy but you got a chipper post this week on the social networks. So on that note… DEAL WITH IT!

That being said, my posts (on Facebook) if you didn’t see it, pertained to just that.

hump Day Thought 9.18
hump Day Thought 9.11

Anyway, I have had several revelations lately regarding my well-being. As I near my 33rd birthday and the anniversary of my last breakup (which wasn’t bad per se but enough for me to not repeat that sorta situation), I find myself re-evaluating a lot of things…from what I eat to who I meet.  As far as meeting anyone personally or professionally, one must ask: What purpose will this serve? How can this person better my situation and vice versa? Or is this a complete waste of my time? That’s not to say that I am holding out for the perfection of perfections, it simply means I want what I want. It surely doesn’t mean I am a gold-digger either looking for a meal ticket.


I just don’t wanna be anyone’s next mama or worse, baby-mama (2X because I already have 1 kid). I mean if you haven’t reached your full potential, fine by me as long as you’re still working towards it (granted it’s something you stuck with & realistic and hasn’t taken you forever…lol). Meaning I do not want someone without any motivation or goals.

To sum it up if you ain’t got ya shit right:


I mean since I have yet to find that in a person without sacrifice to my morals… I told myself that this facet of my life will just have to wait until further notice!

That being said the post did not stem from my want and/or need to be alone. Because in the end I do value and often times yearn for human connection. What I don’t need or care for is the bull shit that follows. You know the relationship fears & woes. I don’t have time to worry if the slacker dude will have any ambition or be a lazy schmuck!


I also don’t care for the established guy who can’t keep his dick in his pants meanwhile begging me for sex every 5 minutes (especially if we just met & only texted like once)! Damn can a chick go out on a date first before you ask “When we gonna chill?” or “When you gonna let me…?” …which in case you didn’t know chill is often the code word for FUCK! Why? Because anytime a dude start questions off with that shit means he only has intentions of smashing!!!!

Mya (Meagan Good) and Alex (Chris Brown) at Mya's house after a one-night stand

So with that being said, I choose to not deal with ANY fuckery.   I mean I am talking from finances to fitness to everyday friends! Why is it that a person who does not want to put up with someone’s bullshit eventually subjected to some kind of verbal/vocal stoning?  I mean am I not allowed to be single? The double edge sword it seems would disallow me to date a douche-bag yet still go through dozens more in an effort to marry Mr. Right. I mean I see the so-called nice guys complain on status attacks: “Why the good girls go for the “ain’t shit” dudes?” “Why can’t I find a good chick?” BLAH BLAH BLAH!



Because some of you dudes are too caught up trying to ram your dick somewhere! Often times it makes me sick but it’s not half your fault, chicks allowed this behavior, therefore it became the norm. Dudes are too busy feeling themselves to want to settle down and if they do, they are so busy “flexing” for the nothing-ass females (that they complain so much about in the first place). And so that leaves us women to pretty much give up and settle for the following:

mama’s boy,


the abusive assholeIKE

the illegitimate baby-maker

turned deadbeat dad

And that’s just the easy pickings.

Why? Because they present the idea or façade of faithfulness/commitment that women yearn but are too fucking stupid to see ain’t really there.  Sadly there are so many desperate folks that’ll settle for this shit. My guess it that it’s better to be insane to be alone…or worse, sexually frustrated!



Despite our efforts in looking, those mentioned really do not offer any security or anything like their so-called “successful” counterparts, the gigolos, players and boys who aren’t ready to settle down or be monogamous.



The same double-edge clause would allow for me to work a dead-end job and not quit to pursue my dreams no matter how trivial it would appear to the outside world! don’t get me wrong, bills don’t pay themselves but it shouldn’t rob you of the incentive to pursue what makes you happy. I mean who wants to work til they die and have nothing to show for it? Especially if the job fucking sucks anyhow…



Lord knows I can’t wait until I move… I may have better luck when I’m about 300 miles away from Philly. Maybe it’s just my luck here!


Anyway thanks for tuning in and in case that was too long for your liking, the moral of the story is: No one should sacrifice their own happiness for anyone or anything!

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