Poem of thought 33 (a conversation with myself)

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Would it be that I had no words to say as I sat
Reading something as simple as a stat

Never that…

I wouldn’t have ever thought to sit & consider
The links, the chemicals, reactions or the whatever

Take a step back…

I mean my jaw dropped low in surprise
Only to curve my lips to a smile, I realize

You really ain’t right…

Would it be that I had no words to say, thoughts divided
Or so many words forming in my head, they collided

You better get right…

I am usually cool and collect with my thoughts
But a young one had me f**ked up

Really though…

Is this me? Naw I got to straddle myself on top again
Because now I’m the one who’s grinning & blushing

Girl, you straight trippin…

It’s cool I will get back in control & take over the reigns
This here to me is a game, simply like words with friends

Sounds better & more sane…

But when I re-read it over & over again, I am split
Between saying the right thing and something inappropriate

Yo, you got to be kidding me…
No way in hell…

It’s ok I rather enjoyed every bit of it
You gave my song I didn’t know I had its proper lyrics

Pause…you’re saying too much

This coming from the one who’s abstinent
Not just with my body but with my emotions & intent


I’m not thirsty but into your words I was ready to dive
I felt an orgasmic explosion behind my eyes

Stop playing…

I got a lesson from a Tutor, lighting my thoughts on fire
I am normally the muse but today I was inspired

I won’t even say anymore…

Got me contemplating & ready to again break my own abstinence
Contemplating my chastity… w
ith YOUR words that is

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