The Latest New Hoopla

They're gonna hate me for this one y'all...LOL. But guess what? I couldn't give 2 shits even if I binged & overdosed on Ex-Lax. Well in case you lived under a rock for the last week or so, you may have heard former Olympian decathlon winner, Bruce Jenner transformed himself via expensive surgery into a [...]

What’s NOT in News

Not long ago all we kept hearing was Ebola this, Ebola that. Lately everyone seems to be up in arms over race relations & clumping together in rallies or protests. Meanwhile the US Department of Health & Human Services (probably in conjunction with the CDC) is designating treatment centers for Ebola Care in almost every major [...]


We live in a world in fear of eminent dangers! There is always a threat of some kind out there. We fear the unknown, yet we have faith in the unseen. We are always on guard against peril, yet always caught off guard when terror strikes!