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They’re gonna hate me for this one y’all…LOL. But guess what?

I couldn’t give 2 shits even if I binged & overdosed on Ex-Lax.

Well in case you lived under a rock for the last week or so, you may have heard former Olympian decathlon winner, Bruce Jenner transformed himself via expensive surgery into a transgendered “woman”. “She” now goes by the name Caitlyn Jenner. I emphasize the woman & she because although I respect Caitlyn’s choice, it takes more than boobs & a vagina to become a woman. As a woman, naturally… trust me I know. I won’t even bother to get philosophical or theological either.
Bruce-Jenner-Black-and-White beforecaitlyn-jenner after

Well I’m sorry as much as I am openly-minded a supporter for the LGBT community, I really could care less. Why? Because…
1. What he did was for him, not anyone else.
2. As if he’s not already famous, enough, he’s rich. He didn’t overcome any real adversity as far as I can tell. For real, for real, why not help/fund an individual seeking the same transformation who can’t afford it, the same opportunity with his money. That shit is way expensive & I’m sure some person out there who wants it without the means to do so, would appreciate it. He can make a whole new reality show out if it…lol. Let’s call it America’s Next Top transgender.
3. I think he as a family man, warped his already warped family into a whole new whirlwind of shit for limelight/fanfare.

But that’s not my gripe here. My gripe much like so much other shit is that there was so much other newsworthy news out there that it got outshined by Vanity Fair & their need to beat the so called leak of their “big” story. Even Bruce/Caitlyn’s new grandbaby announcement from Kim & Kanye.
Kim-Kardashian-cryingupset Kanye_West

Thanks to social media however, theres was the groundbreaking & heartwarming story that Akon donated millions to Africa to build solar power. I mean for a continent that’s sunny 80% of the time….that’s some amazing shit! Why didn’t I think of that?
Anyway that man is the hero or the REAL MVP!!!! But did it get the hype it should?
akon africa press confakon solar panel

FUCK NO!!!! Hell we heard more about Akon’s on stage antics a few years back than this. And that shit wasn’t even worth a trend on the internet. But hey… Why would it be any other way? I mean why would helping the birthplace of civilization, now an underdeveloped country that has been raped of it’s people & natural resources be big news?

But what really grinded my gears was the big government hack last week.

Yep our impeccable & seemingly powerful infrastructure was again infiltrated. Now how many TV shows like Blacklist, Nikita & movies like Eagle Eye & Enemy of the State do we need to see that despite being fictioius  conspiracy theories about the so called security of our nation & us or WE THE PEOPLE? I mean it’s fucking scary!

How safe are we & why isn’t the fact that supposedly important, confidential information leaked all over the net is being televised more. Maybe they don’t want us to panic? Who knows? Further what did the hackers do with this info? Why hack this part of the government? So called online sources blame China?
Neo is not impressed

I personally don’t think they have a clue! The hacking of the Office of Personnel Mngt. is just the latest in a series of federal network intrusions & data breaches, including recent incidents at the IRS, the State Department, and even the White House. These attacks have occurred despite the $4.5 billion National Cybersecurity and Protection System (NCPS) program and its centerpiece capability, Einstein. I guess all that spying on us normal tax payers kept Uncle Sam’s best techies busy… Check out my blog on the NSA story

This particular branch is the human resources department for all civilian agencies of the federal government, so this attack exposed records for over 4 million current/former government employees at places like the Department of Defense. Let’s not forget all of the background checks & security clearance investigations on employees’ families, neighbors, and/or close associates.

My opinion is this was the Trojan horse of cyber attacks… and this is only the beginning.
cyber trojan horse1

Hopefully they will fix it and we can go on like nothing is happening while being trapped in an alternate reality. And the person or persons trying to save us are terrorists & not the metaphorical, digital savior of mankind. Oh no wait that’s The Matrix. LOL. Either way we are just as fucking oblivious to what’s going on & perhaps will be after all of this has passed.

I just hope Neo is watching…
neo is watching

Until next time kiddies…

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