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Not long ago all we kept hearing was Ebola this, Ebola that. Lately everyone seems to be up in arms over race relations & clumping together in rallies or protests. Meanwhile the US Department of Health & Human Services (probably in conjunction with the CDC) is designating treatment centers for Ebola Care in almost every major city!



They’ve already set them up! So while the only thing some of us are preparing for is ladies/fellas night out, Christmas shopping & any other distraction, there’s a whole lot going on!

I’m sorry but this is too much like something out of a horror/Sci-Fi flick! No I’m not paranoid but I swear there has to be some evil conglomerate multi-national corporation much like Umbrella from Resident Evil somewhere in the mix… resident evil

Or even 28 Days Later…

I mean we certainly haven’t had reasons to believe that a zombie or bio-terror incident would occur…even if not at the hands of a big corporation or government!

Or maybe I am overreating a tad…

But let’s see… If this were a movie, how does our real life plot stack up to Hollywood!

Testing of experimental drugs, viruses? ☑
The attempt of eradication of a group of people? ☑
The attempt to cover up the biological warfare that would’ve been the preferred weapon of choice? ☑
The spread of the biological or viral weaponry out of control or perhaps plopped in the wrong hands? ☑
Street drugs causing crazed/menacing behavior (cough cough Bath Salts) suddenly vanished & out if primetime news? ☑
Widespread talk of other news to distract our focus of biological warfare in out backyard? ☑
Strange occurrences? ⬜
Zombie outbreak? ⬜
Apocalypse ⬜

I could go on… Hell but the plot to destroy mankind has been in the works & probably prophesied throughout the ages. Does it mean it’ll come true??? Who knows? But we need to pay some kind of attention here? This is more than coincidence & usually the best part of science fiction is derived from nonfiction!

Reminds me of Outbreak, the 90s Dustin Hoffman flick!SavedPicture-2014122141824.jpg
You know where people in some African village in the 60s contract a fictional, hemorrhagic virus called Motaba that gives people a deadly fever! They destroy the village because everyone there died but not without collecting samples for the government “research”. Decades later, the virus resurfaces and hits US soil causing destruction, etc..

But what exactly is Ebola?
According to the CDC: Discovered in 1976 in the Congo, the disease was previously known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever. It is a rare & deadly disease caused by infection with one of the 5 Ebola virus strains. Ebola can cause disease in humans and nonhuman primates (monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees). Outbreaks have been pretty much scarce. Although the natural reservoir host of Ebola virus remains unknown, evidence suggests that 4 of the 5 virus strains are from an animal host native to Africa. This is mostly because of the nature of similar viruses so researchers believe that the virus is animal-borne and that bats are the most likely reservoir.

Me personally I don’t think I’m being paranoid in preparing myself a survival kit…I mean who wants to end up on the bad side of world-end apocalypse?

Just because other folks are too fucktarded to be prepared doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be. I mean what’s a step above being a zombie? Being blind, dumb & complacently trusting that “everything’s going to be ok.” Now I’m not saying the government doesn’t have us citizens best interests at heart or that their intentions are poor. I just think that they are too smart for their own good & they feel we aren’t mentally/emotionally equipped to deal!

But if you’re among those naive or just plain stupid individuals whose everyday goings are more important…then by all means don’t heed the warnings or signs!
I’m just gonna let my buddy Randy explain how to survive later down the road in the event you didn’t listen to me today!

Til Later kiddies…

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