A Franchise of Epic Flow

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So I guess it would be my turn to step forward in this dance.
To ponder my words after given this next chance.

You wanted my comeback, my response, well you so got it.
That smile on my lips, explosion behind my eyes, you sparked it.

Damn here I go again the next go-round & I’m thinking.
My other self probably wondering what the fuck I’m drinking.

So do I hold or play my hand of cards – pluck the deck or deal?
When in Rome, this flow, this chemistry is all too surreal.

So much to say yet too few bars for the words in my head to let them off.
I almost wanna pull back but oh shit – too late I’m like Jada but YOU set it off.

If your words are this enticing, what else is too I may wonder…?
Could you be the one to wear out the Insomniac into a satisfied slumber?

A trilogy, quadrilogy, a franchise we seem to be making.
Keep it up young thing & we’ll have more sequels than Jason.

My pen can’t keep up with my words as they flow by the second.
I don’t know what to call this, maybe you’re right… It’s almost epic!

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