Soda Made My Kid Fat

No lack of going outside & playing made your kid fat! If liberal parents are going to criticize & even sue soda making companies, fast food chains & junk food snack producers... Then you might as well point some of the blame at video game makers, computer tech companies, hell even the internet for allowing... Continue Reading →

Randon Thoughts of Melancholy

I ripped a piece of my self out... I can never get it back. Why? I hate this feeling now. I can't stop crying. What's worse is that the one person who could pray for me is gone. It's pathetic even that I can't even dedicate all of my tears to her... Where they belong.... Continue Reading →


I hope all of you dads out there had a Happy Father's Day Sunday! Whether it was enjoying cards & gifts from your kids & loved ones or sitting back having a beer, all of you the good men of the world who take care of their kids are more than deserving of your special day! That being... Continue Reading →

Late Term Abortion Dr. Busted…But not 100% accountable

In recent news, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 72 was convicted about 2 weeks ago on three counts of first-degree murder for the 3 newborn babies following botched, late-term abortions! Gosnell operated a clinic, which catered to poor & un-insured women in the West Philly section of my hometown. Gosnell had cut the spines of babies after delivery but his attorney argued that the deliveries were stillbirths not live... Continue Reading →


As we grow up, we tell ourselves as children & later as teenagers that we will be better parents than the ones we were cursed with.  That is until we grow and learn that not only our parents were right about everything but that we end up exactly cloning the things they said and did.... Continue Reading →

Schools Are Failing our Children

I was browsing through Facebook and looking at some internet news and it was then I heard the story about Philadelphia School District shutting down more schools! (THE LINK CAN BE FOUND BELOW) Despite the fact that my own child does notattend a public school, it saddens me to see some of the schools on the... Continue Reading →

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