happy fathers day

I hope all of you dads out there had a Happy Father’s Day Sunday! Whether it was enjoying cards & gifts from your kids & loved ones or sitting back having a beer, all of you the good men of the world who take care of their kids are more than deserving of your special day!

That being said, after sending shout outs on all the social networking sites & perusing a tad bit, I kinda started to get a sour taste in my mouth as I looked at various bitter posts.

From the disgruntled, single baby mamas with shity sperm donors to the angry dads who don’t wanna share this day set aside for them, it was a bit much…even for me! The bitterness is annoying to say the least but honestly it is what it is!  And that’s saying a lot for someone who was raised by a single mother and in turn became one!


While, I agree that Father’s Day is for dads & Mother’s Day is reserved for moms…you have to ask how & why this happened.

Sure you got deadbeats who ain’t shit but then you the women who have constantly laid up with them making baby after baby outta wedlock! So who do you blame? The chicken or the egg? One thing is certain Hallmark & drugstore chains has milked on this ever-growing demographic.

father's day for mom

Another thing I noticed while driving home was the lack of street vending! On Mother’s Day, every corner in the hood is full vendors selling something! Even the stores are full of mom paraphenalia and folks rushing to get mom or grandmom something. However on this day…a big ol’ bunch of nada save for a few deals here and there!


It’s sad but it’s the reality of this day and age! For whatever reason may have started it, the thing is that: men leave!   Doesn’t matter how or why. Just matters that it happens. Some stay for the sake of the kid(s) but rarely does this happen these days. And yes I know that there are single dads out there but sadly they are overshadowed by the women who have to take care of kids on their own.

fathers day for mom

Not sure if this ratio will ever change but one thing is for certain that it won’t be in this lifetime.  Why? Because women will always lay up with shitty ass dudes and men will will always go for the non-wife ho-types who eventually get knocked up.

So to you all disgruntled folks don’t blame the single moms too much! Ladies, let the good men have their day…even if you had a kid by someone you’re no longer with!

make dads day
Let’s find the deadbeats instead and shit on their parade!!!

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