Late Term Abortion Dr. Busted…But not 100% accountable


In recent news, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 72 was convicted about 2 weeks ago on three counts of first-degree murder for the 3 newborn babies following botched, late-term abortions!

Kermit Gosnell

Gosnell operated a clinic, which catered to poor & un-insured women in the West Philly section of my hometown. Gosnell had cut the spines of babies after delivery but his attorney argued that the deliveries were stillbirths not live births. His defense attorneys argued that Gosnell had injected a drug in utero to stop the heart from beating.

Women’s Medical Society

Now I agree with the verdict 100% and feel that Gosnell got exactly what was coming to him! But it is not here that the finger should only be pointed! I think some of these “victimized” women should be held accountable too! But they won’t just like those women who have countless abortion after abortion. Those females whose situations only differ because their procedures happened to be within the appropriate timeframe. But regardless, they’ve used abortion as birth control so many times that their wombs are barren like the desert. They aren’t considered victims. So why the women in the Gosnell case? I am all for pro-choice so don’t sit there and think I’m judging. More than likely I’m sure some (if only a few) girls, didn’t know any better. It’s also likely that some young girls may have been in a predicament so bleak, that someone like Gosnell may have been the best if not only option available!

Hell… there’s probably a new Dr. Gosnell out there performing these abortions as we speak…who hasn’t been caught yet. I blame this man fully for what he did and do believe he should be held accountable. However, had these women never went to him…he wouldn’t have made any money at all.  I mean shit, Gosnell did exactly what THEY paid him to do. Sure he could’ve turned them away and said it was medically, legally (and morally) wrong but they were paying cash and he took advantage of their situation (regardless of whatever foolishness it was that put them in that predicament). We live in a society that lacks accountability yet needs a poster boy when shit hits the fan… Dr. Gosnell just happened to be that person this time!


Ladies, ABORTION IS NOT BIRTH CONTROL! That being said, if you find yourself at a point in your life where you can barely take care of yourself without any including, public assistance let alone yourself…DON’T GET KNOCKED UP! Sure we make mistakes and yes often times a man turns out to be a deadbeat or the father of many more kids you didn’t know about.  But that doesn’t give you the excuse to not practice safe if not no sex at all.  Why these women lay up with so many men is a topic for another debate but it sickens me to see so many young girls disillusioned when it comes to the sacredness of their own bodies (FUCK…YOU ONLY GET ONE)!


Another finger of blame goes to these lobbyists who are already afraid when it comes to this issue.  These fuckers don’t know what side of the fence to be on.  They are stuck between the pitch-forks of the pro-lifers and the protest signs of the pro-choicers.


While both sides argue about what’s right or wrong here, people deny the fact that the healthcare system in this country sucks.  Costly procedures and access to QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS have given people like Gosnell a way to exploit the poor. (which is what the pursuit of success is in this country anyhow).

Women are going to be getting rid of unwanted babies for whatever the reason, be it rape/molestation, to cover it up or my fav, because they the fetus is just unwanted.  Regardless of the why’s, what the pro-choice lobbyists are going to have to realize the biggest Catch-22!  And that is the more that women are denied adequate access to healthcare and the more places that are banned from safe/legal abortions, the more rat-traps like Gosnell’s Women Center you will have out there. This is also followed by the notion of unwanted babies who turn into unwanted adults…and we wonder why the group homes and prisons are so full…bizarre! prochoiceAnother thing, the criminal justice system in Philly… for lack of a better word is SHIT! How many complaints were filed for other issues such as health code violations alone? And yet this man still continued to do business for years after they continued to pile up!! I don’t have much else to say about the courts here because it would become a novel of sorts!


I am sorry folks but this whole situation is beyond horrible! But you have to ask yourself this, when will they start to fix the issue at the root of the problem instead of the head?

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