Money Matters

Recently, I woke up to a rather alarming text message from Capital One. Apparently my card had been used for a $325 purchase. Whomever gained access to it, triggered an alert which then caused me to check my account. It was then that I noticed a $225 charge the day before. What was crazy, as... Continue Reading →

What Comes Around…

I posted about this on Facebook but decided that I would go in to greater detail here and since I am behind on posts, both this blog will be followed by 2 bonus blogs this week (God-willing). Situation 1: This weekend I was bummed about my house heater not working again. Last year I kicked... Continue Reading →

Gov’t Budget Cuts…It effects US all!

So the scare of the financial fiscal cliff was thought to be behind us but the threat of social & health services are still in jeopardy! Programs like WIC, Healthcare, Welfare are among the few services that the US government provides for low-income individuals. But as the costs go up and the funding gets low...people... Continue Reading →

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